*cosplayin around*

girl: so let me get this straight, you are a real male, like, you have a penis

me: -looks in pants- I can confirm that yes, I am a male.

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aka guide on how to be an angry german

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Mirror mirror on the wall, who got da plumpest booty of them all?

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"And so it is said, that on this very day, the council of doge met for their first meeting"
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A question for hetalians out there (every one, not gender specific)

Here’s a question for you Hetalia fandom (Please answer this one) is Hetalia only for girls? Is it ok for straight guys to like it? What do you think?

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Sometimes you have to sit down and question the fandom you’re in
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Prussia: Hey, Ludwig, I have a suprise for you!

Germany: Vhat is it…


Germany: Bruder why you do this

Prussia: I did it for the vine

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When someone I hate won’t shut up

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But Rose, it’s alright…the Doctor’s right there!
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OKAY FOR SOME REASON JOHN BARROWMAN WAS ON MY PLANE DRESSED AS AN AIR HOSTESS GIVING OUT ICE LOLLIES AND I WAS LIKE WTF AND SAID ‘this is now the best day of my life’ AND HE SAID ‘bet you didn’t think Captain Jack Harkness would be giving you something to suck on’ THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED WHY

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